Glympse Location Sharing App

Glympse is an app for iPhone and Android that lets you share your location with others in real-time easily, temporarily and safely. No sign-up needed and no social network to manage.  With just a few taps you can quickly share your location with anyone.

Glympse uses the GPS capability in your mobile phone to let you share your location via a Web-based map for a predetermined period of time with anyone you choose. Sharing your location with someone is referred to as "sending a Glympse." A Glympse goes out as a link via text message. When recipients click on the Glympse link they can view your location on a map in real-time using any web-enabled device for as long as you chose to share with them.

Unlike other location-based services, there is no need to create an account or log in. Once downloaded, you can send a Glympse to anyone you choose by simply selecting a contact, choosing the duration you want your location to be available, and then tapping send. The nice thing about sharing your location via Glympse is that it is temporary. A Glympse automatically expires when its timer runs out so you don't have to worry about sharing your location when you do not want to.  With Glympse, you are in complete control with who you want to see your location and for how long they see it.