Lobbipad Shouts out Glympse for our Glympse Consumer App

Glympse Consumer App Shout Out

Lobbipad is a cutting-edge technology company revolutionizing front desk operations with its innovative solutions. By digitizing and automating visitor check-in processes, Lobbipad provides businesses across various industries with a seamless and efficient visitor experience.

Recently, Lobbipad has shouted out Glympse as the premier solution for “managing executives’ schedules and making sure they get to appointments in and out of the office on time”. At Glympse, we are proud that Lobbipad has taken the time to mention us and recognize the benefits we can provide to industry leaders.

In their social post, they quoted that the Glympse Consumer App:

…allows you to share your real-time location and ETA via GPS tracking. Instead of texting a colleague who’s late for a meeting, you can request a link from Glympse. Tracking is temporary, so there will be no unintended invasions of privacy. In this way, administrative assistants can make people feel comfortable while waiting for their host in the office and inform them how much longer they’ll need to be there.

– Lobbipad

Glympse provides that and much more! We have expanded out platform line up to suite location needs of all sizes:

Being recognized by Lobbipad, a leader in IT services and consulting, reaffirms Glympse’s commitment to providing top-notch location and visibility services. We strive to continuously innovate and refine our platform to meet the evolving needs of businesses in an increasingly interconnected world. With Lobbipad’s endorsement, we are confident that more industry leaders will discover the value and benefits of Glympse for their organizations.

In conclusion, Lobbipad’s recent shoutout to Glympse highlights the significance of our consumer app and real-time location platform in streamlining operations and enhancing the visitor experience. We appreciate the recognition from Lobbipad and remain dedicated to delivering exceptional solutions that empower businesses across various industries. Whether it’s managing executive schedules, optimizing logistics, or ensuring prompt deliveries, Glympse is your go-to partner.

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