Retail Radar Spotlights Glympse Premium Tags for Food Truck Tracking

Glympse has recently been featured on Retail Radar, a newsletter created by Lawrence Lerner that covers retail industry news, unpacking trends and timely issues for leaders. In this edition of the newsletter, Lawrence interviewed our Chief Business Officer Cami Zimmer about our Consumer App’s newly released paid feature, Glympse Premium Tags. Specifically, how it relates to food truck tracking by helping food truck operations increase their revenue, add advertisements, and keep their live location updated so their customers know where they are in real-time.

In Lawrence’s newsletter, it is noted that the food truck sector is a “…$2.2B…sector, which is expected to grow annually by 6% through 2030.” It’s not hard to imagine most of these up-and-coming businesses are starting off for the first time. When starting a food truck business, one of the most important aspects is having potential hungry customers easily find their business.

Glympse Can Enhance Your Mobile Food Business

That is where Glympse Premium Tags comes in. With Premium Tags, food truck operators have an easy, turn-key solution that allows them to set up their unique, shareable URL link of their food truck’s current location, streamlining food truck tracking. Within the shareable URL link, you can full control of features such as:

  • Header Logo and Color: Customize the header logo and color, allowing operators to showcase their brand or add a personal touch to their tag.
  • Tag Specific Avatar: Upload a tag specific avatar that matches food truck brand’s image
  • Tag Specific Name: Set a tag specific name that identifies the truck
  • Custom Colors: Choose three custom colors that will be used throughout the Premium Tags
  • Header Link: Add a link to the header of Premium Tag. When users click on the header, the link will open in a separate tab, providing additional information or directing them to a specific webpage.
  • Custom Ad Banner: Upload ad banner that will appear at the bottom of Premium Tag’s map. Specify a link for the ad banner, allowing it to open in a separate browser tab when users tap on it.

As mentioned by Lawrence, “The trucks operate at an 8% margin with unique costs related to licensing, portable fuel, and maintenance. Adding the Glympse technology, which comes in at $99 annually, is one more item for trucks to budget”. For just $99 annually, food truck operators are given more options to optimize their customers’ experience, including streamlined food truck tracking. With a competitive market place such as the food industry, any additional advantage is a must.

Increase Revenue and Advertisement with Premium Tags

With live location tracking, logo and color customization, header linking, and custom ad banner uploading, Glympse Premium Tags is the best way for food trucks to differentiate themselves from the competition while enhancing food truck tracking capabilities. To get started, visit our official Premium Tags website and download our consumer app.

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