What are Glympse Premium Tags?

Three examples of Glympse Premium Tags

Millions of people globally use the Glympse mobile app to share and request location with their family, friends, and groups. With Glympse, location sharing is temporary, where YOU set the amount of time you want to share your location. Glympse automatically expires once you arrive—set it and forget it!

The app has a feature called Glympse Premium Tags that provides a level of customization and branding for companies, small businesses, festivals, community and interest groups, and more. You need a Glympse account to create a Glympse Premium Tag, but anyone you share that tag with, even if they do not have the Glympse app downloaded, can see your real-time location and know where to meet you.

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Glympse Premium Tags Features include:

  • Header Logo and Color: You can customize the header logo and color, allowing you to showcase your brand or add a personal touch to your tag.
  • Tag Specific Avatar: You can upload a tag specific avatar, different from your personal profile avatar. If you set an avatar for the tag, all members who share the tag will display this same tag avatar. If you don’t upload a tag-specific avatar, the profile avatars of the members sharing to the tag will be used instead.
  • Tag Specific Name: You can set a tag specific name to be used across all the tag members sharing to the tag instead of the profile tag. If you don’t set a tag-specific name, the profile names of the members sharing their location will be used instead.
  • Custom Colors: Choose three custom colors that will be used throughout your Premium Tags.
  • Header Link: Add a link to the header of your Premium Tag. When users click on the header, the link will open in a separate tab, providing additional information or directing them to a specific webpage.
  • Pre-defined Routes: Define up to seven specific routes for Premium Tag journey and assign a different route every day. This allows you to plan visits and guide people to the designated locations, ensuring they know where to meet the Premium Tag user on different days.
  • Custom Ad Banner: You have the option to upload your own ad banner, and it will appear at the bottom of your premium tag’s map.. The recommended image size is 468×60 pixels. Additionally, you can specify a link for the ad banner, allowing it to open in a separate browser tab when users tap on it.
  • Predefined Route: You have the option to either create your new route or choose from existing ones to be displayed on the map.
  • Set Password: You can add a password to protect your tag. The password protected tag is still viewable by anybody, but only those who know the password can share their location to your map.

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